What to expect from a session?

An art therapist provides psychological and therapeutic support to clients of all ages: children, adults and older people, who are facing a range of issues, disabilities and diagnoses. A session usually last for 50 minutes, with around 30 minutes of art making and 25 minutes of sharing thoughts and reflections.


An individual session last 50 minutes, the art therapist will offer an assessment for the client to see if this is a suitable intervention. The art therapist will present some paperwork for the client and therapist to complete during the session such as:

  • A mentalisation based formulation: to understand the circumstances of client
  • Risk assessment form
  •  Well-being web: to get a sense of the client’s strength and difficulties
  • A working agreement: a contract between the client and therapist about the process of the
    art therapy sessions.

The art therapist will work alongside you in order to support you in exploring and exchanging on personal issues, thoughts, feelings or what you find challenging. All paperwork is stored in a secured, safe and confidential storage by the art therapist.


A group  session or experiential workshop usually last between 60 to 90 minutes. The number of participants is variable. Typically in a group session, the therapist will  be working with up  to 8 individuals. In an experiential workshops, it can be up to 15 individuals.

A group session aims at offering a supportive and non-judgmental space to explore, reflects on thoughts, feelings through art making as well as sharing this with others. The benefit of this approach has been found in improving social skills, alleviating a sense of isolation, fostering reflective functions and communicative skills.

An experiential workshop can be tailored for different groups of individuals such as health professionals, teachers, students, parents or anyone interested in topics that can be explored through art making such as attachment, mentalisation, trauma, gender, sexuality, addiction or any themes you would like to explore!


  • Individual session: 45£/50 minutes
  • Group session: to be discussed
  • Experiential workshop: to be discussed.

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