Online Art Psychotherapy

I have gained experience in both telephone Art Therapy and videoconferencing Art Therapy from March 2020. Suitable for children, young people and adults, the same principals apply for online Art Therapy sessions as for face to face Art Therapy, where the sessions are structured with some space for sharing, making and reflecting.

What to expect from a session?

During the first session, we will establish:

– Ground rules and boundaries for communication

Agree on a ‘planB’ if communication fails

– Discuss confidentiality of online Art Therapy/record keeping/consent

– What are materials are available to you so we can agree on a starter pack.

The session will be structured with some time for you to share what has been on your mind, to make images and to reflect upon these. The session would usually last for 60 minutes, however this can be discussed, depending on your needs. We will make folders to keep our work safe and private.

Who is it suitable and not suitable for?

Suitable for:

Children and Young People

Not suitable for:

Online therapy is not suitable if you feel that:

  • You need a high level of care and support, you struggle to function, you present a high level of risk (such as suicide or self-harm), you have difficulties with reality-testing and you find it difficult to communicate across these mediums of communication (phone, computers).

If you feel you can relate to some of these, face to face therapy would be better suited.


Length of sessions:

Up to 60 minutes, however this can be discussed during our initial meeting.

What is needed?

A safe and private space. Think about who might be able to hear you when you have your sessions. Who is ‘in charge’ of the devices on which the call is connected and is there reliable broadband? 

A computer with a microphone and web camera

A phone

Risk management:

We will have conversations early on regarding what will we do if you decide to hang up early, What will we do if there is a technology glitch, and how risks will be managed.

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